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Don’t let amateurs run your ads. Apply now to start generating new installs and growing your business without door-knocking, cold calling, or any other in-person events!



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Our Approach

Building the campaing

Instead of running generic solar ads that people have been exposed to for years and have become immune to, we use solar offers that go hand in hand with the concept of solar and have a much better chance of competing with and even winning over solar companies with 6-7 figure monthly marketing budgets.


As the successful leads meet our requirements, they are then encouraged to schedule an appointment on your calendar at a time of their convenience. This automation process means that instead of chasing unqualified, discarded leads, you can spend your time with trained and motivated buyers.

Pre-qualifying stage

Our application process is designed to collect homeowners information who are interested in going solar and filter out the ones who aren’t homeowners and have below-average credit scores, or in other words, people who don’t fit the criteria of being eligible for solar.


This is where we continue to educate and inform the homeowners who have expressed interest in switching to solar using SMS and email sequences. The main purpose of nurturing the solar leads is to make sure your company stays top of mind even long after your prospects have gone through the application process.


Our Services

Fresh & Exclusive Lead Generation​​

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We do not sell leads! We’re not in the business of selling or reselling leads. We build you your very own lead generation funnel that spits out leads like crazy every single day! More importantly, we help you turn those leads into closed deals.

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Brand Domination

Is your solar business here to stay? In this day and age, nothing says, "We’re a legit company, and we take pride in everything that we do!" more than a well-built company brand. 
The moment people feel like they can relate to what the company stands for, they will be willing to pay more for an installation than they otherwise would with any other company!

Solar Sales Training​

illustration for boosting sales
If you’ve been canvassing to sign solar deals up until now and you want to make the switch to selling from a distance but don’t really have a legitimate system to follow,
Not to worry! We have all the resources you possibly need to turn those leads into closed deals without going through a bunch of trial and error!
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